CRAFTS: A little bit of sparkle

If you visited us at the Celebrity Bazaar, you probably saw our “Let your heart be light” glittered letters. While looking for design inspiration for our pop-up shop, we came across this and this.  We just thought it’s going to be perfect for our holiday decor!

You need a thick paper (Perhaps 220 gsm. Something strong enough to sustain glue and water). Aside from paper, you will also need the following:


The hard part would be cutting the letters (in Lobster 1.4). I would have to print an outline of each letter and attempt to cut them perfectly using scissors and a cutter (Luckily, I skipped that difficult task because my sister has this magical machine –> Best craft invention ever!)

Note: Before using glue and glitters, you may want to cover your table with plastic or newspaper. This will protect it from unwanted goo.

Now, for the fun part. On my first attempt, I applied glue and then, sprinkled glitters. Some parts ended up having more glitters. So, I decided to make a mixture. Mix glue and glitters well. Then, add a little water to have a lighter consistency.  A mixture of just glue and glitter make it  difficult to spread but too much water will ruin your paper cutouts. Spread the mixture until all areas of the paper are covered.


Then, let it dry.


Here is the final product  during the Celebrity Bazaar.

Celebrity Bazaar

Up close


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