Marquee Marks the Project Happy Spot



A few weeks ago, we opened our pop-up shop at the Celebrity Bazaar at World Trade Center Manila. It was our biggest shop to date. We made some marquee letters sans the lights, but used metallic foil instead … because that is what we had.



Here’s a list of what we used:

[1] Foil sheet letters taped on card stock — We printed letters on bond paper using Rockwell font.  We used these as templates for the card stock and foil sheets.
[2] Cardstock strips (2″ wide)
[3] Martha Stewart’s scoring board with
[4] scorer
[5] pencil
[6] pair of scissors
[7] handy dandy box cutter
[8] clear tape
[9] masking tape



We marked the 2″ wide white card stock strips down the middle with pencil. Then, we wrapped the foil sheet letters with these strips. This is where the scorer and scoring board come into play. I scored the strips to make folding easier, then secured the backside using masking tape.

Here are the letters we made, in all its glory. Tada!



Also posted at Forty Weeks blog.



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