It’s Time For Doilies

We just love this intricate doily stamp. How could anyone not? Image

We used this doily stamp to make our own wrapping paper. We just randomly stamped on white paper using black ink. It doesn’t even matter if the impressions were imperfect. It’s still pretty.Image

If you want, you can have this sheet photocopied on A3-sized paper (letter-sized will also do) so you have multiple sheets of the wrapping paper you created.

Wrap your gift, and tie a ribbon for added cuteness.



Crafts: Paper Fortune Cookies

If you’re planning to host a party on Chinese New Year’s Eve, here’s an idea. Make paper fortune cookies for your guests!

paper fortune cookies

Aside from paper, you’ll be needing the following:

paper fortune cookies materials*I used Martha Stewart Crafts’ Simple Circle Cutter but a good pair of scissors will work well too. =)

Cut a circle with a 4″ diameter.

step 1

Create a crease in the middle and place the piece of paper with your fortune (or a message).

step 2

Fold the circle (perpendicular to the crease you made) and push at the crease. Then, secure the fold with a piece of double sided tape.

step 3

Snap the two sides together.

step 4




Design: Business Cards

Business cards serve as an advertisement for your shop. It can travel from your customer to their friends, to their sisters, cousins, and colleagues. It’s amazing how a tiny piece of paper turn into a powerful marketing tool. That’s why it’s important to maximize this little space and design it to reflect your brand image.

We haven’t existed for a year but we’ve gone through four business card redesigns!

We didn’t have much time to prepare for our first pop-up shop. It was a last minute decision to have business cards. So, we just used the same design as our signage and had it printed on a smaller scale.

Our first business card

We decided to be crafty for our next set of cards. Instead of having it professionally made, we used patterned paper and taped a smaller piece of paper with our contact details.

DIY business cards

We figured 100 pieces were  enough but by the second day of the Celebrity Bazaar, we almost ran out of our crafty business cards. With just a few hours to spare, we knew we won’t be able to make a new set from scratch. We just used the same Photoshop file with our contact details (from our business card v. 2.0) and inserted our buntings pattern to have a similar effect. We printed it on white board paper (Luckily, we have some lying around) and cut it into 2″ by 3″ cards.


A week before the St. James Christmas Bazaar (The biggest and most awaited bazaar of the holiday season) we were contemplating on another redesign. We knew we wanted each card to have a different pattern. Something similar to our DIY business card. However, the thing about most printing companies is that they usually won’t allow it. They prefer one design in a minimum order of 400 pieces. I’m lucky that I know someone who could make our business card the way I want it to look like. Yay!

We decided to use two themes. The first theme is colorful and sunny -Vibrant Days. The other theme looks feminine  and sweet- Pastel Pretty. Some patterns are similar to the patterned papers we used for DIY business cards.

vibrant days Pastel Pretty

In total we have 8 designs and was printed on satin photo paper. We are loving this set of business cards. I think we’re going to stick with this set for a while.


Here it is during the St. James Bazaar.

PH_bcard_spread happiness

What do you think about our business card redesigns? Do you have a favorite?

CRAFTS: A little bit of sparkle

If you visited us at the Celebrity Bazaar, you probably saw our “Let your heart be light” glittered letters. While looking for design inspiration for our pop-up shop, we came across this and this.  We just thought it’s going to be perfect for our holiday decor!

You need a thick paper (Perhaps 220 gsm. Something strong enough to sustain glue and water). Aside from paper, you will also need the following:


The hard part would be cutting the letters (in Lobster 1.4). I would have to print an outline of each letter and attempt to cut them perfectly using scissors and a cutter (Luckily, I skipped that difficult task because my sister has this magical machine –> Best craft invention ever!)

Note: Before using glue and glitters, you may want to cover your table with plastic or newspaper. This will protect it from unwanted goo.

Now, for the fun part. On my first attempt, I applied glue and then, sprinkled glitters. Some parts ended up having more glitters. So, I decided to make a mixture. Mix glue and glitters well. Then, add a little water to have a lighter consistency.  A mixture of just glue and glitter make it  difficult to spread but too much water will ruin your paper cutouts. Spread the mixture until all areas of the paper are covered.


Then, let it dry.


Here is the final product  during the Celebrity Bazaar.

Celebrity Bazaar

Up close

We’re back!

So sorry that we haven’t updated the blog. We were caught between pop-up shops, holidays, online orders, and our day jobs.  2012 seems eons ago but we’d like to thank you for making our 2012 awesome!

Last year,  we started curating whimsical items that we’d love to have for ourselves too. Whenever one of you  tell us how happy you are with your purchases,  we just know that we’re doing the right thing.

This year, we’re looking forward  to share more great finds with you. Aside from more happy things, we’re sharing more craft projects that we do for Project Happy.



We’ll try to post articles more frequently (promise!)

awesome 2013

Pop-up Shop Alert

Hey, everyone! Project Happy will be at the St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar in Ayala Alabang starting today until Sunday. Find us at Lian extension within the Cuenca Activity Center around the football field.

Friends from the North, below is a map on how to get to Ayala Alabang.




The pop-up shop will be open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. so come visit and get first dibs on new items!

xo Project Happy team